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Adam Stall

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Born and raised in the small rural town of Coldwater, Ohio, where music was his complete environment and lifestyle, beginning piano lessons at a young, elementary age, and listening and hearing his dad play, sing, and record ever since he was born.


The classical training on the piano and trumpet at an early age provided a grounding of music theory and composition, but beyond the walls of sheet music was a whole new world of expression. He has self-taught the contemporary instruments (bass/acoustic guitar), performing in a cover rock group during high school and exploring and performing music with other friends and family. 

Inspired by the independent compositional efforts of Boston, Tame Impala, Fleet Foxes, and classical composers, with musical influences harkening from the blues of Howlin' Wolf, the amplified ferocity of Led Zeppelin, and the calm melodies of CSN&Y, Adam seeks to drive a complex, mysterious and ethereal rock tone in an independent fashion, while exploring and questioning the complexity of nature, the universe, and himself thru the creative venue of music. He is leading the hard rock trio, Turtle Island. They perform a set of similar music in an electric and powerful fashion at venues around Ohio. They are recording their debut solo single.

Influences Range: Hard Rock of 60's/70's, classical/early music, folk, world music, modern rock/metal

All instruments and tracks, except drums, are self-recorded, produced, and mastered with modest digital equipment

Performs acoustic renditions of debut EP, along with covers, in Mid-West Ohio

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Undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering

"Stall may be the most organized rocker I’ve met. As a shy and anxious kid, he learned to pay attention to details. He carefully contemplates each decision behind his songs."

"I find every element of Stall’s music ability to shine through, specifically on Forest of Silence. The track alone deserves an entire article dedicated to Stall’s work. It’s difficult to pinpoint any one outstanding element. I find Stall’s musical creativity and mastery to be beautifully showcased on this track alone."

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